Monday, June 20, 2016

CNBC All-American economic survey has more investors choosing gold over stocks

Each quarter CNBC surveys a number of of American investors to determine key data points in regards to finance, the economy, politics, and investing.  And similar to the survey they put out three months ago, more investors prefer to buy gold over stocks.

Real estate remained the number one choice for investors, but this asset class has risen primarily due to the newest housing bubble that began in 2011 from central bank money printing and zero percent interest rates.  But it is the major shift away from stocks and into gold over the past six months that has many investors believing the economy is headed towards a downturn, and that stocks in general are overpriced in their own equity bubble.

Interestingly as well when you break down the numbers, those who intend to vote for Donald Trump have a much greater desire to own gold and divest themselves from stocks than those who want to see Hillary Clinton win the November election.  And this shows the fact that many Americans believe something is wrong in both the government and the economy, and are choosing outsiders (gold and Trump) in their investment and political choices.


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