Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dallas Fed finally admits oil prices lower due to economy in recession

As with most Federal Reserve Chairmen and Presidents, America’s central bankers rarely admit when the economy is in decline until well into a recession or downturn.  Yet with analysts trying their best to spin the data to say that the economy is simply in a slowdown due to deflation and lower oil prices, on Feb. 29 the Dallas Fed blew this propaganda completely out of the water and stated that oil prices were lower because the economy is in recession, rather than the opposite.
Nearly all commodities have been in a decline since the start of the summer of 2015, and the massive drop in global trade has validated this price deflation as being tied to a full fledged recession rather than simply a downturn in certain markets.  And because government data agencies manipulate key indicators so egregiously each week, month, and quarter, the true status of the economy is difficult to discern unless you compile the raw data, versus trusting in manipulated models.


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