Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Peter Schiff: Recession and NIRP in the cards for U.S. before November election

What should make everyone feel differently this time about the state of the economy is how custom and tradition were thrown out the window back in December when the Federal Reserve intervened in the financial system within 12 months of a presidential election.  These actions are almost unheard of because the central bank always feared being labeled a political entity since their moves would in the end benefit one political party over another.
Yet when the Fed chose to raise interest rates in December of 2015 despite the economy being in deflation, it triggered a wake up call for those asking the tough questions on just how sure footed the economic situation in the U.S., and the world in fact, really is.
And for a man who predicted the bursting of the housing bubble as far back as 2006, these questions come with some answers.


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