Thursday, February 18, 2016

New Monopoly game may be signalling bankers ‘ultimate’ goal

Is it on purpose, or just simple coincidence that the newest version of the classic game Monopoly comes out at a time when academics and central bankers are calling in unison for the end of cash?  Because the new Monopoly: Ultimate Banking version is one that is played without cash, and is completely electronic where property, wealth, and taxation is controlled from a central point using a form of debit card as the interface.
Monopoly Ultimate Banking
After nearly a decade of zero interest rates and tens of trillions in quantitative easing, the economy as a whole has not recovered, and is in fact far worse in many sectors than just before the 2008 credit collapse.  And as we have seen in Japan, Switzerland, and Sweden so far, and are not far away from negative interest rates being implemented in the rest of Europe and the United States, the compliment to fulfilling these last resort programs is the ability to regulate all money through a bank, and through electronic systems.


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