Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Karatbars affiliate V, the Guerrilla Economist interview on SGT Reports

Late yesterday, our very own Karatbar affiliate V, the Guerrilla Economist spoke in an interview over at SGT Reports on NIRP (negative interest rates), and what will happen to gold as people rush out of the banking system and into the safe haven of precious metals.

And like V's assessments, others are also forecasting the coming super rise in gold prices due to failing central bank policies and a new oncoming global collapse.

Earlier this month, as retail investors lost confidence in the global economy and broader stock markets, an air of panic began to set in. Reports indicate the lines were literally forming around the block at gold stores throughout London and elsewhere. It was, by all accounts, the very scenario one might expect in an environment where trust in government and central banks has been eroded. 
But it’s only the beginning, explains Auryn Resources executive chairman Ivan Bebek in an interview with SGT Report, as nation states and large investors are trying to get their hands on gold as fast as they can: 
Before any big move in gold we have always seen extreme volatility or volatility pick up. This was just a taste of what’s to come in the next few years… We’ll look back at this and be reflecting on how minimal this move was compared to what’s going to happen as we go forward… 
It’s a smart money trend… they can see where their countries are going… where the world economy is going… it’s surprising how late they are to the party… late to a very small door to get a bit of gold that’s out there… it’s going to be a remarkable reaction when that all comes to fruition. They’re just positioning themselves for what’s to come and that’s what they have to do. And getting back into the gold trade, the gold business and hoarding gold… they’re doing that because they see a very big gold market coming ahead like the rest of us. - SHTFPlan


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