Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Obama's gun control orders? Doesn't change the fact he is the world's best gun salesman

On Jan 4., President Barack Obama announced his newest attempt to stifle the Second Amendment and bring about piecemeal gun control through the use of unlawful Executive Actions.  And while Obama continues to ignore the truth that most gun crimes take place in city's that have the most stringent gun regulations, the reality is that every time he speaks on guns, the public buys more.

Black Friday 2015 was a record day for FBI background checks and gun purchases, and this carried over well into the rest of the Christmas shopping season.  And even as the stock markets show massive signs of capitulation, two companies in particular are moving up thanks to the President's crusade against guns.

So for the majority of American gun owners who have never shot anyone, and the gun companies who thought that gun restrictions would hurt sales, no worries!  The industry has never been better, even in today's global recession.


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