Friday, January 22, 2016

Got Karatbars? Respected economist Marc Faber its past time to buy gold as markets will collapse another 40%

With every economic analyst from CNBC, Fox Business News, Goldman Sachs, and even the Bank of International Settlements, there are always agendas behind the information, data, and forecasts they provide on a given day, week, or period.  Some push stock and equity markets because their advertisers demand they speak on things that promote their companies and stocks.  Some want to keep the public in the dark so they can continue their raping of wealth from classes of people into their own coffers, and yet again, some hold investments that they want to rise in value through directing others to purchase the same.

Economists in the alternative media are not immune to this as well, but overall they are much more altruistic in their forecasts and agendas.  Companies like Goldcore, Silver Doctors, and Miles Franklin have their employees write blogs, do interviews, and promote the goodness of their products, and even here at the Daily Economist we provide opportunities in a company called Karatbars to accomplish certain things that are rarely found in the status quo of corporatocracy.

But in the end, you as a customer, investor, and seeker of value must always double check information that you come upon, and weigh it against the scales of truth versus agenda.  And that balance scale is always best comprised in putting your trust in people who have a recorded track record of accuracy, because in the end it is not the solutions we offer to protect oneself that are the most important, but the soundness of the information so that you can choose your own path on how best to protect you, your family, your business, and your future.

Economist Marc Faber is one of those individuals with a proven track record, and the financial chops to go along with his analysis.  Much more than just selling a product, Faber puts his own money on the line in investing and saving wealth according to the data and trends that he both uncovers, and sees for the future.

Marc Faber, editor of the “Gloom, Doom & Boom Report,” has advised investors that now is a good time to invest in gold  because stocks will crash over 40% and the world is on the verge of a new liquidity and debt crisis. 
Faber says investors would be prudent to diversify into safe haven in gold bullion which has risen 3% this year and is currently at $1,096 an ounce. 
He recently told MarketWatch that the stock-market downturn could result in stocks hitting lows not seen in five years. Faber warns that the S&P 500, which fell to 1,881 yesterday, could drop to its 2011 low below 1,200. - Goldcore

The purposes behind gold as an asset are not primarily for use as an investment or speculation, but as protection against the destruction of currencies and paper based assets like stocks, bonds, etc....  And it is the most powerful instrument in history when financial systems are transitioning from a dying one to a future one.  Our current system is based on oil and the dollar, and the agreement created in 1973 where the U.S. needed a backstop for the reserve currency following its removal from the gold standard two years earlier.  But ever since 2013, economies in the East have been pushing for an end to this 43 year old system, and it appears extremely likely that its collapse, or at the very least its diminishment, is almost an assured guarantee with OPEC moving more into China's camp.

So in the end, our current financial chaos is not about equity markets or even recessions which most nations in the world are now experiencing, but about the end of a monetary era, which has the future of who will seize control in the vacuum of this collapse up for grabs.

And which makes the owning of physical gold the one sure protection to not only survive this coming transition, but to be fully prepared to start at a strong financial level in whatever system emerges from it.

And you can do all of this with a company called Karatbars

Buying gold through Karatbars is one of the easiest things on the net.  In fact, the business model of Karatbars is to sell gold in affordable quantities, such as 1, 2.5, and 5 gram increments, and allow customers to get into the metal without having to shell out $1200+ for a single ounce coin.

And as added perks to signing up with Karatbars, as a customer or affiliate, Karatbars is working on a new e-wallet system that functions just like an offshore bank account, and is outside the authority of the banking system.  From there, you can take your fiat currency in any denomination... dollars, euros, yen, etc... and purchase physical gold which can either be delivered directly to you, or stored for free at one of Karatbar's vaults.

Additionally, any gold that you buy can easily be sold back to Karatbars, or any metals dealer, and if with Karatbars it is then exchanged for currency that is uploaded to you through a pre-loaded debit Mastercard which is connected directly to your e-wallet.  And as we know, MasterCard is recognized in nearly every country around the world, and usable in any currency that accepts it.

But perhaps the best feature with Karatbars is their affiliate program, where you can earn money off commissions from getting others to sign up and become a customer or affiliate.  Not only do you receive commissions from their purchasing of physical gold, but you also earn commissions from anyone who buys a commission package, with that money going directly into your debit MasterCard when you have enough units to cycle.

Imagine the ability to earn the money in which to buy your gold savings simply by purchasing a commission affiliate package one time, and then getting others to sign up and do the same thing.

How many businesses or entrepreneurs can build an infinite business with spending less than $400 of their own money?  And there is never a mandatory requirement to buy beyond what you desire, on your own schedule.  And there is nothing to lose, because you're using money (paper dollars) to buy gold (physical money) and in the end you don't lose a thing.

The global financial system, along with dozens of respected economists, are telling us that now is the time for the end of our current form of money, and the beginning of the transition into a new monetary system that is expected to be backed by gold.  And with banks, governments, and even Harvard professors mandating that central banks have no choice but to eliminate cash from usage by the people to stave off collapse, will you wait until it is too late to make a decision on how you will protect your wealth, and be able to function within the coming new monetary system?

To learn more about Karatbars, you can contact the individual who sent you this article, and click on their referral link to open a free account and begin buying, or building your own gold savings or business with the company of the future.


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