Monday, January 11, 2016

Global financial system has two options: Collapse, or Jubilee

Back in 2013, Dr. Jim Willie reported on a secret treaty that was signed by more than 120 nations to bring about a currency reset, and the return of a gold backed monetary system.  However, this treaty was broken in early 2014 by none other than the United States when they financed the Kiev coup as a way to stave off their losing control over the world's reserve currency.

Following this event, China began to accelerate the means to end dollar hegemony by duplicating nearly all Western financial constructs through entities like the AIIB, the BRICS Bank, the Shanghai Gold Exchange, CIPS (Chinese SWIFT), free trade zones, and the new Silk Road.

Yet since nations were not allowed to facilitate this reset, economic and monetary destruction has simply increased, and as we see through the first week of 2016, the crossroads has now come upon the world which has a choice on what their futures will bring.

They can either choose collapse, or follow through with their original 2013 intention and declare a debt Jubilee.


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