Friday, January 8, 2016

Dr, Jim Willie forecasts coming currency reset and return to the gold standard

Earlier this week, Switzerland submitted a referendum to end private central banking and the use of fractional reserve banking in their monetary system.  And the Swiss are not the only people's and countries questioning the stability of a banking model that has been in place throughout the world for the past four centuries.

Yet for there to be a return to world wide solvency in the monetary system, a currency reset is not only required, but also necessary to deal with a debt load that has skyrocketed to seven times the combined annual GDP of all world economies.

In a new interview on Jan 5., well known statistician, economist, and forecaster Dr. Jim Willie spoke on a coming global currency reset, and the inevitable end game of a return to a the gold standard, which had been in place before its disconnect from money 45 years ago.


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