Tuesday, December 15, 2015

China’s Belt and Road initiative may even go as far as Mexico

China’s re-creation of the ancient ‘Silk Road’ trade route across the Eurasian continents is more than a simply a super highway from South Korea to London… it is an organizational structure that is intended to both develop and operate trade and banking hubs in countries all along the global route.
Known also as the Belt and Road initiative, the idea of an overland and connected seaward trade construct is now peaking the interest of a North American economy, who’s long standing partnership with the U.S. may soon be split between them and the growing economic power hailing from Asia.  This is because in a new report on Dec. 14, Mexican authorities announced they want to cultivate even greater productivity and trade with China, and increase their exports to the Far Eastern economy well above the current 2% it now does in annual trade.


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