Saturday, November 14, 2015

Was Paris terror attack a False Flag event at a time when global economy moved into recession?

On Nov. 14, a new video was published by SGT Reports that show a very big potential that the Paris bombings that took place yesterday were a false flag event.  The primary reason was due to the fact that like on 9/11, and during the London Subway bombings, a governmental exercise was taking place on the very same day as the attacks.

What is interesting as well is that this attack came immediately after retail numbers signaled that we are in a global recession, with expected holiday sales to come in vastly below desired levels.

Retail sales came out this morning and they were worse than dreadful. They confirmed the horrific quarterly reports from Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, and Kohl’s. Total retail sales grew a minuscule 0.1% from September and only 1.7% versus last year. It’s even worse than it looks. When you back out the subprime auto loan spurred auto sales (long term rentals), retail sales grew only 0.5% over last year. That is far less than true inflation, so on a real basis retail sales are FALLING like a rock. This only happens during recessions. And it isn’t a one month thing. Retail sales, even including loan boosted auto sales, are flat over the last three months and up only 2.1% for the first 10 months of the year. - Market Oracle

We will keep posted any updates to this horrific terror even in Paris, and watch for any other potential correlations between geo-politics and the economy.


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