Monday, October 19, 2015

Got Karatbars? Now that the U.S. government is bankrupt, what are your options to protect your wealth?

After the 2008 Credit Crisis came and went, a new set of words entered into the financial dictionary that were created out of artificial interventions made by both the government, and Federal Reserve.  One new set of words in particular to come out of this crisis was Zombie Banks, and they represent financial institutions that were already bankrupt, but not allowed to completely die.

Yet if banks can propped up like the walking dead, can the same be done for an insolvent and bankrupt government?  Well, contrary to all the rhetoric that comes out of Washington and from talking heads at the Fed and on CNBC, the U.S. is one of these new Zombie governments, and although completely insolvent and bankrupt, is being propped up only because they still have dominion over the global reserve currency.

I’ve long-stated that the government of the United States is completely insolvent. And that is a 100% true statement. The government’s own numbers show that official liabilities, including debt held by the public and federal retirement benefits, total $20.7 trillion. Yet the government’s assets, including the value of the entire federal highway system, the national parks, cash balances, etc. totals just over $3 trillion.  
In total, their ‘net worth’ is NEGATIVE $17.7 TRILLION… a level that completely dwarfs the housing crisis. If you include the government’s own estimates of the Social Security shortfall, this number declines to NEGATIVE $60 TRILLION. And it gets worse every year. - Sovereign Man
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In addition to the tens of trillions of dollars in bailouts to the banks after 2008, the U.S. government itself doubled its national debt to the point where it is well over 103% of annual GDP.  And just this morning Treasury Secretary Jack Lew used propaganda against Congress, and even threatened them with 'Dire Warnings' if the Debt Ceiling wasn't raised before Nov. 3.  This alone tells you how desperate the U.S. government is, and where $3.8 trillion annual budgets can no longer even sustain the debt obligations America has to its people, and to the world.

No purely fiat currency system has lasted in the 350 years in which they have been tried, and in just this century alone several nations who had the same fiscal irresponsibility as the U.S. have seen their economies crash, their governments overcome by internal and external threats, and their currencies hyper-inflate into oblivion.  And like those in Germany during the Weimar Republic, who had the wherewithal to hold their savings in gold rather than paper fiat, they not only survived the era of collapse, but came out well ahead such as in the example of the bellhop in a Germany hotel who was given a gold coin as a tip from a wealthy visitor, and where just a few years later, that same bellhop bought that hotel for that same gold coin since gold is the one true form of money that over time withstands any monetary crisis.

It is never too late to protect yourself until it really does become too late.  And if the warnings of 2008 weren't enough for you to realize that the current system of fiat currencies and central banks cannot last, and that the government's own balance sheet numbers validate it is bankrupt and insolvent, then there is nothing that can possibly push you to protect your wealth in the same form of money that has sustained people for 5000 years.

But for those who do see the writing on the wall, yet feel they cannot afford to protect what wealth they have in the high price of gold measured in ounces, there is a solution.

That solution is Karatbars

Buying gold through Karatbars is one of the easiest things on the net.  In fact, the business model of Karatbars is to sell gold in affordable quantities, such as 1, 2.5, and 5 gram increments, and allow customers to get into the metal without having to shell out $1200+ for a single ounce coin.

And as added perks to signing up with Karatbars, as a customer or affiliate, Karatbars is working on a new e-wallet system that functions just like an offshore bank account, and is outside the authority of the banking system.  From there, you can take your fiat currency in any denomination... dollars, euros, yen, etc... and purchase physical gold which can either be delivered directly to you, or stored for free at one of Karatbar's vaults.

Additionally, any gold that you buy can easily be sold back to Karatbars, or any metals dealer, and if with Karatbars it is then exchanged for currency that is uploaded to you through a pre-loaded debit Mastercard which is connected directly to your e-wallet.  And as we know, MasterCard is recognized in nearly every country around the world, and usable in any currency that accepts it.

But perhaps the best feature with Karatbars is their affiliate program, where you can earn money off commissions from getting others to sign up and become a customer or affiliate.  Not only do you receive commissions from their purchasing of physical gold, but you also earn commissions from anyone who buys a commission package, with that money going directly into your debit MasterCard when you have enough units to cycle.

Imagine the ability to earn the money in which to buy your gold savings simply by purchasing a commission affiliate package one time, and then getting others to sign up and do the same thing.

How many businesses or entrepreneurs can build an infinite business with spending less than $400 of their own money?  And there is never a mandatory requirement to buy beyond what you desire, on your own schedule.  And there is nothing to lose, because you're using money (paper dollars) to buy gold (physical money) and in the end you don't lose a thing.

The global financial system, along with dozens of respected economists, are telling us that now is the time for the end of our current form of money, and the beginning of the transition into a new monetary system that is expected to be backed by gold.  And with banks, governments, and even Harvard professors mandating that central banks have no choice but to eliminate cash from usage by the people to stave off collapse, will you wait until it is too late to make a decision on how you will protect your wealth, and be able to function within the coming new monetary system?

To learn more about Karatbars, you can contact the individual who sent you this article, and click on their referral link to open a free account and begin buying, or building your own gold savings or business with the company of the future.


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