Monday, September 21, 2015

Want the signal that gold is going up in price soon? Now we may have it

The first rule of precious metal stacking club is that you don’t talk about precious metal stacking club.  And while this may be a clever play on words from the cult classic movie, Fight Club, in the investment arena it is a given rule that you also don’t talk about positions you are accumulating until you already have your shares bought.
The reason why is, if everyone discovered that a heavy trader or hedge fund manager like Carl Icahn or George Soros were buying something in great quantities, then people would rush in to get on their coattails to profit from some inside information only they might have.
Which makes it very interesting to discover that the insiders and elites who have publicly discredited physical precious metals like gold and silver for years now are themselves buying it en masse when the media and their paid tools on business television are dissuading everyone else that gold is worthless, and little more than a ‘pet rock’.


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