Friday, September 18, 2015

One day after the Fed caters to markets, census bureau validates recovery was for the rich

The Federal Reserve has never had a mandate to either listen to, or enact, polices predicated towards the equity markets in the United States or abroad.  But since the middle of the Greenspan era, and the rise of investment banks controlling major portions of the stock markets through high frequency trading, the implementations of the Greenspan Put, the Bernanke Put, and after yesterday, the Yellen Put, have clearly shown that the central bank is all about protecting the rich, and now the Census Bureau has validated this assertion.
In a new report published by the Census Bureau, only the top 10% have seen their incomes rise since the top of the Housing Bubble era of 2006, and this in part has been due to taxpayer funded bailouts, the crushing of small businesses through their inability to get capital, corporate layoffs and stock buybacks, and most importantly, the Federal Reserve pumping tens of trillions of dollars onto Wall Street that never trickled down to the lower 90%.


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