Saturday, September 19, 2015

Muslim leader in Central Asian country calls for progressive taxes on acts of sex

In the United States today we have a radical religious activist by the name of Kim Davis, who is becoming a 21st century version of Carrie Nation, and who is trying to bring about a one woman battle against homosexual marriage the same way Nation did against drinking just prior to Prohibition.  But for another religious zealot that resides in a country located in Central Asia, a leader within the religion of Islam is starting his own radical campaign by proposing a new tax scheme on sex.
Murat Telibekov of the Muslim Union of Kazakhstan has come up with a comprehensive list of progressive taxes based on various kinds of sexual intercourse, and the myriad of ways and parameters sex is carried out by citizens and foreigners within the country.  The taxes being proposed range from punitive ones for short-term missionary acts, to much higher taxes for exotic or out of wedlock fornication.


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