Thursday, September 10, 2015

Despite continuing ‘recovery’ propaganda, 14% of all Americans unable to afford enough food

When economic data is continually spun to protect a political agenda rather than performing the function of showing where actual problems lie, then you will always have contradictions that counter the intended message.  For example, how can a nation like the United States have only a 5.1% unemployment rate when it has been verified that nearly 93 million Americans within the age range of working years are not counted as either employed, or receiving benefits befitting the unemployed?  Or how inflation is denoted as being less than 2%, but the cost of food, rent, education, and healthcare have all skyrocketed by a minimum of 30% over the past five years?
The answers of course lie in the fact that the perception of what is the economy has moved from production and earnings to that of investments and Wall Street, and why the line between the Ivory Tower and the ghetto is like that of a dystopian novel.  For as the 1% are now far richer than at anytime in human history, 14 times that number can’t even afford to eat nutritious food to sustain even the meagerest of lifestyles.


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