Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Yes Virginia, contrary to ECB rhetoric there will be a Greek depositor bail-in

After Greece changed course back in July and accepted the Troika’s demands for austerity measures to receive a new bail-out, the assumption was that only bond holders would be subject to any sort of risk that might see their securities decline, or perhaps even fall to zero.  Yet as one knows in the financial industry, and in the case of central bank policies, you can never fall asleep believing that your money is ever safe.
According to EU legislation that is in line with January’s G20 resolution, and is similar to Section II of America’s Dodd-Frank laws, starting on Jan. 1 any and all bank deposits within Greece (and the rest of the Eurozone) can and will be subject to confiscation and bail-ins to re-capitalize their banking systems.  And with these banks having already seen over $100 billion removed by depositors prior to the Greek bank holiday, it is fair to assume that these banks are already close to insolvent, and won’t be waiting long to allocate the people’s deposits towards funding their own deficiencies.


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