Thursday, August 27, 2015

British Official Warning Public: STOCK UP ON FOOD, WATER, CANNED GOODS & CASH

When the prepping mantra finally hits the mainstream, you know that it is either too late, or right about the time the stuff is going to hit the fan.  And with global stock markets signalling that the world is already in recession, and on its way towards the next economic collapse, a former adviser Britain’s once Prime Minister Gordon Brown is calling in the cavalry, and saying now is the time to prep for a coming disaster.

For those who have been ‘watching on the walls’ for many years, this warning is not a surprise, but is welcomed by those who wait for their leaders to tell them what to do rather than be proactive for their own family’s safety and security.  Yet even now, prices for food, water, guns, and gold have soared over the past five years, and are very close to impossible to get at an affordable price.

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