The Israel Deception

Is the return of Israel in the 20th century truly a work of God, or is it a result of a cosmic chess move to deceive the elect by the adversary?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Attorney General Holder finally acts to stop illegal theft and seizures by the police

There is one constant in the realm of politics… when the light is shined on the rats in Washington and at the local level then actual change takes place to the benefit of the citizens.  And with so many different sources, including satirists and comediennes speaking out on the topic of Civil Forfeiture regarding the police using a spurious Federal law to steal personal property from the people without a warrant or crime for their own use, Attorney General Eric Holder finally had to act and issued a proclamation outlawing these actions being done by local law enforcement.

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Remember Facta? Now meet the IRS database to manage everyone’s bank accounts

When Congress and the the President sought to institute a measure of capital controls on the people of the United States, and keep the public from rushing outside the country to move their money for protection, they came up with a scheme known as FACTA.  FACTA is the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, and under this draconian piece of legislation is the demand on any foreign bank that does business with the U.S., or utilizes SWIFT to trade in dollars, that they must provide the Internal Revenue Service all personal and financial information on any America having an account outside of the U.S..
The ramifications of this became felt almost immediately as foreign banks began closing customer accounts and halting any future programs that allowed Americans to transact, invest, or deposit money offshore.
And on Jan. 13, the next phase of FACTA came online as the IRS announced the initiation of a database to monitor in real time customer accounts of sovereign and foreign banks.  Known as the International Data Exchange Service, this colossal repository will now treat anyone with a bank account as a suspect and person of interest, and assume guilt no matter if any financial crime or evidence of tax evasion has occurred.

Is Japan’s economy now to the point that they are preparing for war?

On Jan. 14, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe approved a new military budget that is the largest since the end of World War II when the nation was de-armed by the U.S. according to the treaty ending the war, and provisions from their new Constitution.  And with military expenditures expected to be around $42 billion, or 5 trillion yen, observers must ask the question of whether Japan is seeing the writing on the wall and preparing for war since their economy has reached the point of no return.

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Obama’s next boondoggle: Free college at the cost of $60 billion

President Barack Obama believes that people cannot do for themselves, and that he, as Master of the Universe, must do for them in all things.  Beginning with his schemes of investing in green energy companies that eventually went bankrupt, to nationalizing General Motors who today isbuilding new plants in China, not the United States, and of course in Obamacare, which has caused companies to divest full time jobs and people to pay over twice in premiums than they paid before.
So with little aptitude beyond puttering around on golf courses and spending billions on vacations, the President is once again trying to muster his inner ‘Hope and Change’ and reveal the next great scheme for the American people.  Free college.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

10-year bond falls below 2%, appears close to major crash

Unlike the failing economies in Europe who saw their bond offerings skyrocket towards six, ten, twenty percent when they encountered a default event, the U.S. bond market is becoming a safe haven for investors in not just the U.S., but also around the world.  The best way to see how much real volume a bond has is to watch the interest rate rise or fall.  If more people are buying bonds, then the interest received at the end of that term is smaller, while if fewer people are buying bonds (Demand), then the interest received at the end of the term is greater.

Ie… few people were willing to buy bonds from Greece, Italy, Spain, Argentina, or Venezuela despite the potential of higher interest because the risk involved for a country close to default is much greater.

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The new year starts off with a bang as new banker death results from gunshot to the head

On Jan. 4, the first publicly announced banker death of 2015 took place when a hedge fund manager from New York was found dead from a single gunshot wound to the head in his apartment.  Thomas Gilbert, the founder of the $200 million Wainscott hedge fund, is the 37th known member of the financial industry to die of mysterious causes going back to 2013, and the first known incident in the new year.

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New Zealand signs on to join Chinese World Bank alternative

On Jan. 5, New Zealand became the 24th nation to sign on and join as a founding member the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) which will act as an alternative to the Western run World Bank.

The AIIB is a brain child of the new Chinese expansion in Asia, and will act in a duplicate function to the IMF and World Bank, but without the forced austerity and political measures demanded from the Western led monetary agency.  The AIIB also joins with Russia’s new SWIFT mechanism and paves the way for a future global trade system that runs outside the dollar and the U.S. dominated reserve currency.

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Another country signs on board to join the Eurasian Economic Zone

As economic unrest continues to swell in places like France, Germany, and other states within the European Union, one coalition is attracting new participants since its creation back in October of last year.  And with the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) fully online, and the new Silk Road stretching from Korea to London under construction, Armenia is now becoming the newest member to join the Eastern trade coalition that seeks to facilitate direct bi-lateral trade outside of the dollar.

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