Monday, August 18, 2014

Major silver buying taking place day before London Silver fix ends

Thanks to a rare investigation from an agency out of Germany, a financial body that has controlled the price of silver for over 100 years is being run out of the game.  In fact, the belief is so great among traders and investors that the price of silver will finally begin moving upwards now that the London Silver fix is ending on Aug. 14, record amounts of buying is taking place this week, and especially one day before the official end of the price fixing.

Physical silver bullion sales exploded at SDBullion Wednesday, hours before the London Fix price setting mechanism was set to end on August 14th.
The London fix, which has been in place for 117 years dating back to 1897,  announced in April that the daily silver fix would end on August 14th, when Deutsche Bank, under investigation by Germany’s BaFin for market manipulation vacated its seat and was unable to find a buyer.


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