Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Even a former Mob boss sees the inevitable coming economic collapse

Since we already know that receiving a Nobel Peace Prize is as easy as buying a couple of shrimp tacos, it is not too far fetched to see how so many economists and ‘professional’ financial analysts appear to have received their credentials from similar places.  And while pundits and the media try to mask just how bad economic growth, consumer spending, and the job markets are by using the excuses of ‘polar vortex’, ‘hurricane sandy’, and only 28 days in the month of February, those who actually worked, ran businesses, and had to fight for everything they got know the truth, that the government is bankrupt, the banks are insolvent, and the coming economic collapse is something no one will be able to avoid.

And while Janet Yellen and the rest of the Federal Reserve appear to oblivious to these realities, a former mob boss for the Columbo family isn’t.

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