The Israel Deception

Is the return of Israel in the 20th century truly a work of God, or is it a result of a cosmic chess move to deceive the elect by the adversary?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

President Obama wants to raise taxes to over 19% of entire GDP

It doesn’t matter which political party is in power, for the ability to finance their careers in office by stealing from the citizens will always be a massive temptation, especially when they find themselves short on funds due to their own corruption.  President Bush Sr. did this, President Clinton did it, and of course, the self-proclaimed Marxist Obama is doing it.
But as the budget deficit continues to grow astronomically, and the national debt climbs to levels more than 110% of our annual output, the Obama doctrine of wealth confiscation may be taking an even greater turn.  In a recent budget proposal to Congress the President offered a new baseline where he would seek to increase taxes by more than 1.6%, and equate government revenues from the people to over 19% of America’s total Gross Domestic Products (GDP).

Obama recovery? Just don’t check with retail stores for the answer

Last week it was discovered that Democratic campaign advisers were issuing warnings to candidates seeking office during the 2014 elections.  That warning was to not talk about, or use the term, ‘economic recovery‘, as surveys showed that the American people no longer believe the spin and rhetoric coming from the primary party in power.
This week however, we are seeing more valid information as to why, and on Monday, Credit Suisse announced that retail store closures are surging, and are showing numbers double the store closings in the same period last year.

Where does your state rank in highest or lowest income taxes

Now that the dreaded April 15 IRS filing date has come and gone, it is time to look at how each state fares in relation to each other in imposing income taxes upon the citizens of their dominions.  Taxes across the board have become a staple of government policy, with sales, property, excise, and other fees taking a large piece of American’s dwindling paychecks.
Here are the highest “taxing” states in the US:
  1. California 13.3%
  2. Hawaii 11%
  3. Oregon 9.9% (a, b)
  4. Minnesota 9.85%
  5. Iowa 8.98% (b)
  6. New Jersey 8.97% (a)
  7. Vermont 8.95% (tie)
  8. Washington, D.C. 8.95% (tie)
  9. New York 8.82% (a, c)
  10. Maine 7.95%

Eurasian Economic Union and trade zone scheduled to begin in May

The concept behind the European Union was to solidify the economic power of European nations under one umbrella in the wake of World War II, and the ever changing sphere of global super powers.  Starting in the late 1950′s between companies in France and Germany, this union has morphed into a go-political monstrosity run by un-elected technocrats, and using a common currency that has stifled trade throughout the region.
It is this umbrella of control that Eastern block economies have come to determine is a detriment to free trade, and a stifling of their growth.  So with this in mind, the idea of a Eurasian Economic Union, where nations can freely come together in trade partnerships, is not only being imagined by nations like China, Russia, and India, but according to the foreign minister of Kazakhstan, it will become a reality as early as next month.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Banker number 12 along with his entire family found dead in Netherlands

April 5 saw the 12th banker in recent months to pass away of ‘mysterious circumstances’, and his death also came at the expense of his wife and daughter.  Jan Peter Schmittmann, former CEO of ABN Amro out of the Netherlands, was declared dead along with his immediate family, in what police are describing as a ‘family tragedy’.
Former ABN Amro Group NV Netherlands Chief Executive Officer Jan Peter Schmittmann, his wife and a daughter were found dead at their home today after a possible “family tragedy,” Dutch police said.
“The bodies of a father and mother and their daughter were found at the property” in the town of Laren, 32 kilometers (20 miles) southeast of Amsterdam, Dutch police said in a statement on their website today. Leonie Bosselaar, a police spokeswoman, said in a telephone call with Bloomberg News that the deceased were Schmittmann and two family members.

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Author of Money Ball shatters Wall Street facade by saying ‘Markets are Rigged’

Highly acclaimed author and columnist Michael Lewis dropped a bombshell on this week’s airing of CBS’s 60 minutes when he said unequivocally that every stock market is rigged, and that high frequency trading computers siphon billions of dollars from legitimate trades every year.
The U.S. stock market is rigged, with elite traders buying access to a high-speed network that allows them to figure out what you’ve just ordered, order it first, then raise the price before your order is complete.
And according to Michael Lewis, author of a new book about high-frequency trading called “Flash Boys,” this form of “front running” is completely legal.

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Physical silver purchases hit new record as paper price continues slide

According to the U.S. Mint, March sales of Silver Eagle one ounce coins set a new record at the same time paper spot prices for silver fell by more than $2.50 over the past 60 days.
In fact, the rise in gold and silver prices had been the second largest gainer in the overall market until deflation, slowdowns in China and other BRICS economies, and a Federal Reserve taper announcement began a sharp decline from a 19% gain in the first few months of 2014.
According to the recent update by the U.S. Mint, Silver Eagle sales hit a new record in March.  Sales of the U.S. Silver Eagle reached 4,476,000 at the end of the week.  Even though this surpassed the amount sold last year by over one million, the U.S. mint still has one final update to take place on Monday, March 31st.

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34th state approves to hold ConCon and now there is enough to remake government

Earlier this week, the state of Michigan approved a resolution to hold a new Constitutional Convention, and they become the 34th state to vote for opening the founding document to potential changes, restructuring, or complete abolishment.
This week the state legislature of Michigan became the 34th state to demand a “Constitutional Convention” in the United States.  Pursuant to Article 5 of the US Constitution, if 2/3rds of the states call for such a convention, (meaning 34 states)  it MUST take place. We will see if this is actually honored. At the very least, there is no time requirement so this could be dragged out for years.
Nevertheless, in such a convention, the ENTIRE Constitution is subject to review and can be altered and changed. This could be everything from installing “social justice” to the dissolution of the federal government. Everything is on the table as if we were back in 1776 Philadelphia. – Armstrong Economics

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