Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sequester: $85 Billion savings gone in a single day

After more than a month of Congrssional and Presidential Kabuki theatre over the manufactured crisis known as sequester, the Obama administration in a single day negated any potential savings the $85 Billion legislation would have cut from Federal Spending.

As you can see, the government borrowed enough money on Feb. 28 to balance out the $85 Billion in mandatory cuts, and made the entire debate over spending cuts a worthless political drama.

In just one day, the national debt increased by $80 billion, and wiped out all potential savings to the budget that might occur in 2013.

So from faux debt ceiling crisis, to the meaningless sequester crisis a month later, the year is still early for our elected officials to usher in several more crises to deceive the public on how bad the government's fiscal pocketbook really is.


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