Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Economic nuclear bomb: Germany calls for a return of its gold from the Federal Reserve

It is one thing to force inflation and taxation on your own people, as the Federal government and Federal Reserve are doing to the American people in increasing frequency, but it is another to try to export inflation to another country.  In reponse to a new recession, and a growing disbelief in the value of the dollar, public outcry in Germany has reached the point where President Merkel is now calling for the Federal Reserve to return their gold holdings, and repatriate them to the Fatherland.

The result of these actions of course will cause economic markets to react as if hit by a nuclear bomb.  Waning confidence in the dollar as the reserve currency will only increase the tensions between American economic domination and a growing global economy desiring to move away from devalued fiat.  But even more to the point, the long standing rumors that the gold stored in the basement of the NY Fed building, along with any measure of belief in Fort Knox gold holdings, will answer the vital question, and determine if gold prices are to remain stable, or shoot up to stratospheric levels.

Does the Fed actually have the gold reserves of Germany, or will deliveries be simply gold plated tungston?

The primary reason why the Federal Reserve was holding Germany's, and other nations physical gold was due to the 1940's - 90's fear over Soviet expansion, and a stalemated cold war.  Now that Germany is capable of defending its own, and the Soviet Union has evolved into an economic Russian Federation, the need to pay the Fed to store their sovereign gold reserves is no longer necessary.

Last year, Venezuela became the first to call for a repatriation of their gold from New York, and now Germany is the second.  Depending upon the response of this demand for repatriation, and the results of the physical testing of the metal once it is returned, the potential for a rush on the gold being held in the U.S. for other countries may quickly lead into a worldwide frenzy, and a rise in gold prices to multiples of what the price is today.


So will the American Media laugh at the Germans and call them conspiracy-nuts for wanting their gold back? LOL

Maybe if the American Media had actually investigated the rumors and proven them false (assuming, of course, they really are false) then the Germans would never have went this far. Too late now! LOL

I read somewhere that the U.S. Federal Reserve refused to allow the Germans to verify their gold despite several attempts. Also, gold repatriation will take about 7 years to finish.

-Bethany Morrison

Look at those gold bars! I can just imagine how many jewelries I can make out of them.

-Gwyn Stiles

Wow the Bushes had better hide the gold toilet paper in thier bathrooms.

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