Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Economic reality in Italy: Buy groceries, earn lottery ticket to win a job

Recently, two Americans split the largest lottery jackpot in history when the numbers came up golden on a $500 million pot.  However in Italy, where unemployment rates are over 11% of the population and growing more than .3 per month, a new lottery opportunity is being introduced, where grocery shoppers will have the chance to win the illustrious prize of...

a part time job as an assistant grocer.

For the unemployed in Italy, new possibilities, to get a job. A supermarket chain is giving away jobs to their customers. The premise: you have to buy for more than 30 euros, then you get a lottery ticket, which entitled to participate in the Sweepstakes. Winners of the lottery, a temporary job part time job as an assistant waiting in the supermarket.

"Our contest is open to people of all ages and backgrounds," said Alessandra Aloisi, HR Manager of Gruppo BSE, Bloomberg. The chain of one-time supermarkets in Rome sells lottery tickets, which are very well received by customers. "Some participants are even question whether the profits they may possibly pass on to a friend or relative," Aloisi Sun -

So enjoy the lottery frenzy while you can America, as it may not be too longer before the gambling concept turns into job creation for the government, states, and the U.S. economy.


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