Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Online games like World of Warcraft forging the new business model and worker

Throughout history, there has always been generation gaps that led to new and innovative paradigms.  The 1960's rebellion against conservative and structured America led these young adults to become founders of the technology and corporations of the 90's and early 21st century.

And now, the video game generation is proving to be not only the workers and executives of tomorrow, but also the buisness models and in many cases, the military of tomorrow.

World of Warcraft is the largest MMORPG in the world, encompassing over 12 million players and monthly subscribers.  In the game, players will discover nearly every attribute of the business world, and have to learn to adapt to new problems, and rely upon both quick thinking, and well planned solutions.

It is also an example of self-gratification and self-criticism.  When you accomplish a task, the rewards are immediate.  When you fail at a task, you learn why you failed, and either get stronger in game to succeed in that task, or go out and learn the skills necessary to overcome a fight you failed at out of ignorance.

Additionally, to succeed in the end game portion of the game, players must learn to work as a group, and group leaders must be well versed in leadership, instruction, coordinating large numbers of people towards accomplishing a goal, dealing with problem disputes, and performing evaluations.  They also learn to set goals, and achieve successes to move onto to the next prize.

All of these things are not only highly desired in the business world, but usually cost thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in training to learn what can be accomplished by playing a 'game'.  A game in which interest, curiosity, merit, and self and group accomplishment are the prizes that keep people playing, and wanting to get better.

The military has been one of the first agencies to recognize the skills formed by video game players, as many of the new drone pilots come from a background of onling gaming.  As 21st century warfare becomes more computer generated than actual boots on the ground, those that receive a free education while playing in an MMORPG will be better prepared than the thousands who pay exhorbitant amounts of money to go to college to learn tired old concepts that no longer work in an ever evolving environment.


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