Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Los Angeles bank robbers channel their inner Fed Bernanke QE3

In an interesting day of rubbernecking on American television, a station out of Los Angeles streamed live a police chance of bank robbers who got away with around $25000 from a Bank of America branch.

However, these soon to be convicts seemed to have a change of heart on what to do with the money, and in preparation for tomorrow's Fed announcement, the robbers channeled their Ben Bernanke on Sept. 12, and started throwing the cash out the window like in one of Big Ben's helicopters.

Once upon a time we thought that literally throwing cash out of rapidly moving objects was a privilege strictly reserved for Fed chairmen. Not any more. Moments ago, a car chase in South Los Angeles went horribly right, when two bank thieves who managed to find a Bank of America branch which actually had cash in it, and robbed it, proceeded to throw cash out of the moving car as it was being chased by a cohort of cops. Since the getaway car happened to be a Volvo, they naturally failed to get away, but not before they became local Robin Hood-type heroes to the massive gathering of gawkers all of whom would appear gainfully employed if only they were not just standing there, doing nothing, and hoping to steal the already stolen money in a major LA intersection at 11:30 am local time on a Wednesday. - Zerohedge


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