The Israel Deception

Is the return of Israel in the 20th century truly a work of God, or is it a result of a cosmic chess move to deceive the elect by the adversary?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Supreme Court and Obamacare: Get ready for small businesses to close their doors

The Supreme Court on June 28 provided the impetus for the end of Constitutional government when they ruled that Federal agencies under the auspices of the Commerce Clause and the right to tax can force any and every citizen to do whatever they see fit.  Under Obamacare, the big winners are Big Pharma, and Big Health organizations.  However, the big, big losers are small businesses, which will start to close their doors en masse, as the ability to pay for universal healthcare destroys their capacity to function in the economy.

•5-4 decisions, with Roberts joining the court's liberals.

•Court says federal government can’t threaten to withhold money from states that don’t fully comply on Medicaid extension


•ScotusBlog conclusion: So the mandate is constitutional

•The bottom line: the entire ACA is upheld, with the exception that the federal government's power to terminate states' Medicaid funds is narrowly read
•The ACA is upheld as a tax, not a penalty - Zerohedge

Be prepared fellow Americans.  The mandates on your lifestyle by the government have just begun.  Even as Mayor Bloomberg in NYC is trying to force people to drink less soda, and consume less salt, so now will the Obama administration's war on obesity become a festival of 'taxation', allowing their ideologies to become reality in forcing you, and your fellow citizens to do whatever policies they feel you should.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Generation Gap: Greek elections show battle between unemployed youth and retired pensioners

Last weekend's Greek elections showed a vast disparity in the polls, and a divsion between the unemployed youth and the retired pensioners.  Those who supported the conservative party, and a continuation of EU bailouts, were primarily tied to the Greek's who have a stake in the retirement and pension systems.

However, the unemployed youth, drew close to the communist and neo-nazi parties which wanted complete separation from the European Union, and a reboot of a Greek economy that has little future for younger workers.

Greek Youth Reject Austerity - Tough choices for young Greeks who may be forced to leave the country (and its future). Thoughtful, afraid young people reflecting honestly and frankly on their future...

Courtesy of Financial Times Videos

Latvia proves that austerity works

In a satirical animation of how austerity is the harbinger of economic growth, the nation of Latvia provides the platform for what can only validate the axiom, when at the bottom, everything is up.

Courtesy of Mark Fiore's Animation

EU seeks to end criticism by banning ratings agencies

In the movie The Sum of All Fears, the antagonist made a statement about how Europe is treated like a step child between the super powers of the United States and Russia.

Today however, that step child is more petulant than ever, and will be defined by both their inability to resolve their financial problems, and in their inability to handle criticism.  In a move to stem criticism for their failed economic policies, the EU is putting forth a vote to ban ratings agencies from determining the solvency of their banks and financial instruments.

The EU has just voted to scrap the use of ratings agencies in the next step on the road to a ban of all policy criticism. Via Bloomberg,

It seems just a few years ago, when these very same ratings agencies were raising ratings and supporting banking systems, mortgage provision, and sovereign-inclusions-into-monetary-unions, that the political elite could not showing off their bronzed statues of AAA/AA-ness.
And in the most bizarre of twists, they would prefer if they were allowed to rate themselves:

Such is the ways of children.  When they don't want to play by the rules anymore, it is just a matter of taking their ball and going home.

Friday, June 15, 2012

To all the brave men and women who are soldiers

A friend of the Daily Economist wanted me to express the feelings and pride that is part of the brave, American soldier, and what their desire to serve this great nation means to them.  Both as individuals, and as a citizen who simply desires to do his duty, without the need of accolades, titles, or anything more than the love and respect of the people and country he serves.

Submitted by Chuck Webb:

                                       BRAVE MAN, A SOLDIER’S STORY

I am but a child, speaking of love, of peace. Being in harmony with all around me and yet you ask me to be a man. You ask me to go and fight a war I know nothing of, or no reason for. Brave man, I am told to serve my country, defend her freedoms and beliefs. But, whose freedom do I defend and who will defend me? I am but a boy.

Brave man, they say as I board the trains and busses and watch all I know click be with every turn of the wheel. My family, who defend me, friends who scream “traitor” and baby killer in anger. I am torn. I do not feel so brave.

Brave man, I am told by my leader as we go into a land as dark and sinister as any I have dreamed, yet as beautiful as can be seen. Where is this enemy I am sent to find. Who is this I am fighting and why?

Brave man, they say as I run to hold the hand of my best friend and watch as the holes in his body pour out life as surely as they pour blood. I do not feel brave. I feel only anger and sickness. As fire rains down we close in, bodies flying, unidentified and forgotten.

Shouts, unintelligible, lost in the rumble of gunfire and explosion, then a silence as thick as the jungle itself, a silence of the dead.

Brave man, they say as I step off the plane amidst the jeers of the ones who know not. Only my family there believing I have done the right thing. No one defends me. I have fought and now wish only peace. There is no peace. I relive daily the screams, the horror and deaths I helped to cause. There is no peace in the night, only nightmares.

Do not call me “Brave Man” for I am but a child, trapped forever in a world I never wished to see. I am a voice, but only one of many. Do you hear our cries?

Regrets, we have them. Would we go again? You better believe it, forever!

Just thoughts from the minds of those who have given so you can have the right to call them baby killer, friend, father, son, brother or “Brave Man”. You have this right because they chose to give up theirs for a while and bear the memories for the rest of their life.


From a brave man to all who served and the ones who respect them.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Nigel Farage on how EU expansion led to its demise

Britsh representative to the EU parliament, Nigel Farage, spoke on June 10 regarding the Spanish bailouts, and what it means for the Europran Union as a whole.  His interview was quite intriguing, especially in regards to how Europe's appetite for expansion with smaller economic nations may well be the catalyst for their eventual demise.

God save the 10 member nation EU, who hemorrhages money like sailors during Fleet Week in New York City.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Food stamp usage by Americans reach another new high

While the Federal Reserve can print money out of thin air, it almost seems now the Federal Government can print food stamps the same way.  The sad part is, they now have to as the newest report from the USDA SNAP program shows another increase in Americans on the dole for food stamp benefits, with the number soaring over 46 million in March.

Last month, when the USDA released the latest foodstamps numbers for the month of February, there was some hope that following a third month of declines, we may just have seen the peak of US foodstamp usage and going forward we would only see the number decline. Sadly, the latest numbers refutes this: in March a total of 46,405,204 persons were at or below poverty level and thus eligible for foodstamps, a 79K increase in the month. - Zerohedge

No jobs, no home, but an EBT card to buy all the stuff Michelle Obama and Mayor Bloomberg want to eliminate from the American diets.

Elite feel that workers should pay into retirement but not collect it

There was an interesting interview on Bloomberg with AIG's CEO Robert Benmosche over the weekend, where the elitist banker opined that workers should now expect to not retire until they reach the age of 80.

This of course means that the average person in the US, and around the Eurozone, will be working until they simply drop dead, as the average lifespans for both continents are 78 and 81 respectively.

However, in the growing socialist states, this does not mean that workers will be able to refrain from paying into state run retirement programs such as social security or pensions, it just means that the elite expect the majority of workers to never regain that money, thus helping prop up insolvent nation states through the use of backdoor austerity.

And the 1%ers wonder why the 99% hold such disdain for them in nearly every capacity. (Note, Benmosche gave this interview from his wealthy seaside villa)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Wells Fargo seeks to over buildings from bankrupt Stockton, California

When the banks want their pound of flesh, it doesn't seem to matter whom they take it from.  For the city of Stockton, California, their fiscal irresponsibility which has led to bankruptcy filings is also now triggering Wells Fargo to seize City Hall for delinquent mortgage payments.

The Stockton City Council announced Wednesday that they will look at bankruptcy contingency plans after Wells Fargo seized the new city hall building.

The city paid $35 million to buy the 8-story building, but was not able to move in because of its money problems, and recently stopped making debt payments all together. This is the fourth building that was repossessed by Wells Fargo; the bank seized three city parking garages for the same reason. -
Economic Policy Journal

Banks thrive on government's allowing them to loan out printed money, with no intrinsic value.  So it should come as no surprise when these same banks take physical assets from the same government for failure to pay off debt accrued by borrowing the same money they allowed the banks to print for nothing.

Bilderberg attendees discuss the killing of Ron Paul

There is one hard and fast rule in American economic politics.  No one is allowed to discuss or champion the end of the Federal Reserve or central bank.  Presidents and Congressmen who have in the past, have found themselves experiencing mysterious deaths at the hands of the power elite.

So it should come as no surprise that at this week's Bilderberg meeting in Virginia, the growing fear of Ron Paul and the End the Fed campaign has led some attendees to openly discuss how they could outright kill Congressman Ron Paul, and his supporters, through Muslim terror attacks.

Journalist Jim Tucker was onsite at Bilderberg today, and through sources who heard the discussion, passed on information from many elites on ways to take down Ron Paul over his objection to the Law of the Sea Treaty they so desperately crave.

Thanks to the alternative media, and open internet (for now), we can get information from places that were once held silent by the mainstream media.  Something former Senatory Larry MacDonald, Presidents John F. Kennedy, William KcKinley, and James Garfield could have used in their day when the powers that be took them out for wanting to go against the cental bank establishment class.

Student Loan delinquencies continue to grow

The amount of student loan debt and deliquencies in America is growing, and shows no sign of stopping.  In a new report from the Wall Street Journal, first quarter deliquencies for people owing student loan debts surged to 8.7%.  This means more than nearly 10%, or $100 billion dollars in debt is now more than 90 days delinquent.

Student Loans 90+ days delinquent surged in Q1 to 8.7% - near its peak crisis highs and remains above peak mortgage delinquency rates.

Student Loan Debt is growing while the rest of the household sector is delevering... - Zerohedge
With today new jobs report coming out as Epic Fail, the graduating classes of 2012, which many have already done in May, will only increase this percentage of delinquency within six months when these loans require paybacks.